Cruelty-Free Fashion

I have been writing about cruelty-free fashion for years. We don’t need to wear fur, leather, feathers, or wool to stay warm and cozy. There are so many fashionable vegan alternatives readily available for purchase – lets leave the animals alone and end their suffering. Here are some ideas for vegan shoes, clothing, jackets, purses, accessories, and more.


  • Fur and Feathers: The Cruelest Accessories on Earth – 2018 – Fur. It looks adorable on animals and hideous on people. As a vegan, how I treat animals goes far beyond the plant-based food on my plate. Fur and feathers belong on animals, and unfortunately, there is no such thing as “ethically sourced” animal skins, despite what some companies may lead you to believe.


  • This Gorgeous “Leather” Bag is Actually Made From Pineapples – 2016 – “You already know that pineapples are delicious and super rich in Vitamin C, but did you know that they could be transformed into a fabulous purse or great pair of running shoes?…Called Piñatex, the environmentally-friendly textile is created from the fibers of leftover pineapple leaves, which are extracted through a process known as “decortication.” Since the leaves are a byproduct of the pineapple harvest, there is no need for extra water, land, fertilizers, or even pesticides to produce the material.”


  • 5 Stylish Non-leather Bags – 2017 – “If you’re dreaming of a non-leather bag that is stylish and cruelty free, look no further than this list. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or yourself (#TreatYourself), these options are gorgeous and eco-friendly.”
  • 7 Stylish Vegan Winter Boots At Every Price Point – 2017 – “Lets face it, winter isn’t going away any time soon and warm winter boots are essential for cozy and happy feet. These seven brands offer stylish choices without leather, suede, fur, or wool – so not only are your feet happy, but the animals are happy too.”
  • 6 Stylish and Cruelty Free Make up Products – 2016 – There is no reason to buy cosmetics that test their products on animals when there are so many innovative brands to choose from that are 100 per cent cruelty free. And now, it’s easier than ever to shop for cruelty free cosmetics thanks to the Leaping Bunny Programand the PETA bunny symbol.
Anti-Fur Protest – Toronto

My son Noah made an iMovie to educate his school about the fur industry.
Check it out on YouTube!

The Truth About The Fur Industry