cat selfie June 15


August 4, 1996 – June 17, 2014

My sweet, loving (and crazy at times) cat passed away peacefully in my arms today. His paw was in my hand and he was wearing Noah’s rainbow loom bracelet.

I believe Cole has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge and that my family childhood cat Willow was there waiting for him.

I hope Cole is free now and can finally live in a world not confined to a small apartment. During his final days on earth I took him outside and he loved eating the grass and breathing the fresh air.

Cole thought he was part dog and part human since the day I adopted him from the streets of Los Angeles. He loved me unconditionally and followed me from Hollywood to Toronto. He was wild and reminded me of a panther. I have known him for almost half my life but it seems like forever.

He loved Noah the moment he met him. Cole also loved Jasper – they spent every second together and slept in the same cat bed for 12 years.

A part of my heart is missing. We will never forget you Cole.

See you in the next life. I will bring the cat-nip.

Love momma, brothers Noah, Jasper, Fluffy and sister Hope

Cole and Jasper 2006

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