Have you met our adorable rescue kitty Sky?

You may know her as Princess Hockey Kitten. Yup, she’s famous! You can follow her adventures on Instagram as she attends the latest pawties with her furriends. Her floofy smile is sure to brighten your day.

Sweet Meowdel Sky

She was rescued from the streets of Toronto in 2017 and adopted from the Toronto Humane Society. It’s crucial to adopt a pet from a shelter or sanctuary, versus shopping for one at a pet store. It’s actually illegal now to purchase cats or dogs from pet stores in Toronto – woohoo!! But sadly many breeders are still selling pets online. Please don’t contribute to the pet trade industry when so many homeless pets are looking for homes. Every time a breeder animal is purchased, a homeless shelter animal could have been saved.

Many years ago I wrote an article for People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals about how important it is to Adopt, Don’t Shop.

Lets have a staring contest. Go!

When Sky was a kitten my son Noah taught her to play hockey and she loves being goalie. She’s a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan! Sometimes she tries to catch the puck on the television screen. What a cutie!

Let cats play in the NHL!!


Jasper – born on Toronto streets. I adopted him when he was a kitten.  Jasper left for the Rainbow Bridge on Sept 12, 2018. He was 17.
Sky and Jasper – brofur and sister furever.

When Noah and I travel we often meet homeless cats on our journeys and bring them food.

Homeless kitties in St. Lucia – they gobbled up the food we brought them
My son Noah is the cat whisperer and always wants to help them.
We met this cutie by the pool in St. Lucia, super friendly!
Noah took this photo in Nassau, Bahamas of a cute homeless beach kitty.
Bahamas beach kitty! Despite some obvious hardships, this kitty was full of love.
We met these street cats in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, they were very scared so we didn’t get too close.

Please always spay/neuter your pet. This helps to prevent thousands and thousands of cats and dogs from suffering due to overpopulation and a hard life on the street.

If you want to help shelter kitties here are some great organizations in the Toronto area.

There are probably several organizations in your city too that are helping street cats, feeding ferals, fostering, and looking for furever homes all the time.

Toronto Cat Rescue

Annex Cat Rescue

North Toronto Cat Rescue

Abby Cat Adoptions 

Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue