Sky Approved Toys

First of all, what is a KitNipBox? Read on, furriends!

Sky Princess Hockey Kitten; Photo Credit; Miriam Porter
Sky proudly sitting in her KitNipBox

It’s a monthly subscription plan that you sign up for and each month the box is packed with surprises for your cat. It even comes addressed to the feline of your home.

Boxes contain high quality cat toys, treats, and other cat products. I can’t imagine any cat not liking this, and with the holidays around the corner it makes the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life.

One step at a time.

Sky, Princess Hockey Kitten, received a complimentary box and then put me (Meowmy) to work in writing this review. After all, she is the boss, and a mighty cute one too. Up until two months ago, her days were spent with our other cat, Jasper. But Jasper passed away recently at age 17 and it’s very obvious Sky feels a loss. We all miss Jasper. And despite his old age, he loved toys and I bet he would have loved KitNipBoxes.

I never want to leave this box.

Each box comes with a variety of high quality cat toys and at least one treat unless you kitty has a sensitive tummy or allergy. Sky’s KitNipBox was super colourful and my son Noah and I had so much fun going through it, even though it wasn’t for us. We couldn’t stop laughing at some of the names. There was a Catnip Tomato Pillow, a Taco Toss Toy, a Kitty Cat Crispy Carrot, and Sky’s favourite, a very strong scented catnip pillow. Sky totally loved this soft light blue toy and immediately began playing with it, as you can see below. She was swatting it back and forth and chasing it around the living room all morning.

Like all cats that came before her, and all cats that will come after, of course Sky loved the box itself. I am sure it was a bonus that it smelled like nip!

I love this blue one!

As a vegan animal rights advocate I was really happy to learn that KitNipBox supports over 100 animal welfare organizations. They donate a portion of their proceeds to cat rescues, shelters, TNR efforts, and other kitty causes. In fact, you can even suggest organizations you would like them to support! That’s totally pawesome!

What’s Inside