Hi friends and welcome to my website!

I am an award-winning Canadian journalist and I have published thousands of articles in newspapers, magazines, and internationally syndicated websites. These days my writing focus is travel, social justice issues, and veganism as it relates to animal rights, food, fashion and entertainment.  I have also written about parenting, health, and children’s rights

My articles have been published in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Eater, Travel + Leisure, Mental Floss, Fodor’s Travel, Yahoo, SheKnows, Metro News, The Toronto Star, Wheels, Today’s Parent Magazine, Grok Nation, The Canadian Jewish News, WestJet Magazine, Sierra Magazine, Dreamscapes, The Jewish Advocate, Travel Life Magazine, CAA Magazine, Eat Drink Travel Magazine, Metroland Media, Farmers’ Almanac, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, and many more. Links to individual articles can be found throughout my website under their appropriate topic. 

I became vegetarian when I was seven years old the day I discovered cows were killed for food. I am now vegan and raising a vegan son. I am also an animal advocate – which means I do my best to speak up for those that have no voice. I became the voice for animals when I was 12 and refused to dissect frogs in my school classroom. That was also the year I began petitioning major cosmetics companies to stop testing their products on animals; I became vocal against the horrors of the fur industry; I stopped wearing leather and wool; and I did my best to only purchase and use cruelty free products.

I will never be silent when animals are suffering. 

I got my start in professional writing with a bi-weekly newspaper column where I discussed love, dating, Judaism, social justice issues, animal rights, and Toronto city life. A series of events then lead me to travel writing at The Toronto Star over a decade ago where I worked as a regular freelance contributor for several years. I love visiting new places and writing about what life is like for other people and animals.

I took a five year break from travel writing to raise my son Noah and get a second degree from York University in Toronto, this one in Children’s Rights. I studied the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child extensively and hoped to work in the field one day. Although that never happened I do write about social justice issues such as this one about the ongoing child labour crisis.

As soon as Noah could wheel his own luggage through the airport I started traveling with him and writing about our adventures. He was five when he started traveling with me regularly, it was also the year we went from vegetarian to vegan. Within travel I specialize in family adventures, vegan travel, luxury resorts, road trips, and eco friendly tourism.

I have lived in New York City and Los Angeles when I worked as an actor – but that’s a story for another day! I currently reside in Toronto with Noah, our two rescue cats, and one adorable rescued hamster. 

I hope my articles inspire you to travel the world spreading love, compassion, and kindness to every person and animal you meet. 


**If you would like to work together on travel or vegan themes please be in touch, I would love to hear from you**. 

We can all be the voice for animals!
Outside the Brazilian Consulate in Toronto – Save The Amazon!
Version 3
Jamaican happiness – ya mon!
Rescued Cow at Wishing Well Sanctuary
Noah feeding piggie with vegan shirt
Stop Cruelty – Go Vegan – Wishing Well Sanctuary
Cleaning up the Beach for Sea Turtles in Myrtle Beach
The Magic is Real – Orlando
The only Humane way to see Marine Life is in the Wild, Atlantic Ocean
That time we held a Lighthouse in our Hands – New Brunswick
My Heart – Riviera Maya, Mexico
take nothing but pictures
My motto in life – Blue Springs State Park, Florida
Noah and his PETA award
Superstar for Animals Award from PETA
Climate Vegan
Save the Amazon – Go Vegan – Toronto