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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way. Being vegan is progress, not perfection. Please consider going vegan for the animals, our planet, and your health. I have been writing about veganism and the treatment of animals for almost two decades. Below are some of my favourite and most popular published articles and if you scroll to the bottom of this page I have posted a few videos.  Thanks for reading and considering a vegan lifestyle.

Noah Esther Shelby

“If you don’t encourage children to eat dogs, why encourage them to eat pigs?”

Baby Yoda and Noah


  • It’s only meatless meals for some kids who have a passion for animals: 2021 (Washington Post Print Newspaper, International website, syndication worldwide) “There is a good chance that you have at least one vegan or vegetarian friend. It’s the kid who refuses to eat hot dogs at birthday parties because they are typically made from a cow or pig. But you might wonder what a vegan is and how they are different from a vegetarian. A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, including beef or seafood. A vegan doesn’t eat meat or any food that comes from animals, such as eggs, cheese and milk. Both may also not wear animal skins, such as fur, leather or wool.”
  • Eating bacon can kill you. Here’s how my kid eats a plant-based diet: 2015 (International Website, syndication worldwide) “What do hot dogs and bacon have in common with cigarettes, arsenic and asbestos? Well, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization they have one main thing in common – they are all carcinogenic and can kill you.


  • 6 Ways to Raise a Child Who Doesn’t Eat Animals:  2015 (International Website) “My son Noah and I live a vegan lifestyle. That’s different from following a vegan diet — although both are great! In fact, whatever you do that helps the environment, animals, humans or the earth is pretty awesome. For us, veganism extends past the plant-based food on our plate. He didn’t want to eat animals or contribute to their suffering.”
  • Love Based Activism: 2015 (International Website) “A pink snout touches my hand gently. I peek in the truck to see the pig’s face and she’s crying. “I love you and I am sorry,” I whisper through tears. “It’s going to be OK.” But we both know it’s not.
  • An Activist Is In Court, But It’s Factory Farming On Trial : 2016 (International Website) Bacon is no longer a popular breakfast staple….Anita Krajnc, 49, is on trial for giving water to thirsty pigs inside a transport truck on the way to slaughter. The scared young pigs were headed to Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington on June 22, 2015. Krajnc saw pigs panting and foaming at the mouth that day and performed an act of compassion — she gave them water. “It’s their basic right,” she testified.”
  • For The Animals, The Zoo Is The Unhappiest Place On Earth: 2015 (International Website)  “I know without a doubt zoos don’t care about animals, if they did, they wouldn’t hold them against their will or kill them. They are more concerned about making money than animal welfare. They don’t “protect species from extinction” as they may lead you to believe. In my research I also found that animals are rarely, if ever, released back into the wild from any kind of preservation program they allegedly have.”


  • 5 Life Lessons My Son and I learned from SeaWorld’s Killer Whale, Tilikum: 2016 (International Website) “My son Noah’s first peaceful protest was at age 4. We wanted to raise awareness to support the release of Tilikum from SeaWorld back into the wild and teach others about his unfair captivity. At that time, Tilikum, the largest orca whale in captivity, had already been living in a tank for over 30 years.”
  • 6 Reasons Why I Refuse to Take My Son on a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride: 2016 (International Website) “Maybe you have seen the horses with blinders on their eyes — thick chains in their mouths, bridles strapped so tight around their head they can’t move — lugging 1,000 pounds behind them. Maybe you have heard their cries.”
  • How to help your kids deal with the loss of a pet: 2016 (International Website) “The ad posted in the Hollywood newspaper read: “Free to a good home. Cat, litter box, bag of food. $20 dollars for everything.” Seemed like a good deal to me! I called the number and spoke to a kind woman who said she was looking for a good home for a rescue cat. The next day a crazy, fierce black cat arrived on my doorstep.”


  • This World Fair Trade Day, Think of the Children: 2017 (National Website) “The sad truth is that child laborers are the least likely to enjoy fair-trade working conditions. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 168 million children toil worldwide. Almost half of them are forced to work in hazardous situations.”

Ripley's Protest

circus protest aug 2012

love at the sanctuary

Noah and rescued sheep at sanctuary by Miriam Porter copy




* Forcing horses to pull oversized loads like carriages is cruel 🐴 💔 * They can suffer debilitating leg problems * Weather conditions can be brutal and many suffer from heat stroke and dehydration * Bridles are strapped so tight around their head they can’t move and have thick chains in their mouths * Horses are terrified * Many have been involved in horrible accidents * It’s a lifetime of abuse 💔 #horses #travel #animalabuse #endcrueltyagainstanimals #animaltourism #bekind #vegan #govegan #animalrights #donotsupport #traveltiktok #animaladvocate #horsedrawncarriage #endcruelty #bekindtoeveryone @officialpeta #peta

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