I have written many articles on veganism for newspapers, magazines and websites that have been shared on social media platforms thousands of times to millions of readers around the world. These are some of my favourites.

The Huffington Post

“6 Ways to Raise a Child Who Doesn’t Eat Animals”

Noah Esther Shelby

“If you don’t encourage children to eat dogs, why encourage them to eat pigs?”

My son Noah and I live a vegan lifestyle. That’s different from following a vegan diet — although both are great! In fact, whatever you do that helps the environment, animals, humans or the earth is pretty awesome. For us, veganism extends past the plant-based food on our plate.


The Washington Post

“Eating Bacon Can Kill You. Here’s How My Kid Eats A Plant Based Diet” 

Noah feeding piggie with vegan shirt

The grocery stores are stocked with tasty and healthy meat alternatives. And most are less expensive than meat. When I first became vegetarian at age 7, tofu hot dogs were not an option. I was the odd girl at parties. I brought sandwiches and quietly nibbled in the corner. But those days are over. Now there are many  brands to choose from to please even the pickiest of little eaters.


“I’m Raising A Vegan Child”

Noah and rescued piglet at Sanctuary

“I simply explained to Noah that if given the opportunity to choose, the dairy cows and chickens would pick life over death and freedom over cages”.

“Veganism for Noah and I goes way beyond a plant-based diet. We do our best to live a compassionate, humane and cruelty-free lifestyle.  So aside from not eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs and many other “hidden” gross ingredients like gelatin, it means we try not to participate in anything that contributes to animal’s exploitation and oppression. Instead of the zoo where wild animals are kept in captivity in unnatural tiny caged environments we visit rescued animals at local sanctuaries, read animal books, and watch humane documentaries”.

The Huffington Post

A pink snout touches my hand gently. I peek in the truck to see the pig’s face and she’s crying. “I love you and I am sorry,” I whisper through tears. “It’s going to be OK.” But we both know it’s not.

activists at truck

“Perhaps you have witnessed the long trucks driving on the highway. When I was a kid and saw the trucks I thought the animals were going to a big field or barn to play. But now I know the truth. They are going to the worst hell on earth.

Today, over 100 other activists will be attending the vigil for pigs. We want to show the world that the societal norm of killing animals is not acceptable. We are love-based activists. And we are here to stay”.

Some of our friends at Wishing Well Sanctuary
Noah at WW 2015mir and sheeplove at the sanctuary
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