I have worked as a travel writer for almost two decades and I especially love traveling with my son Noah. We have been traveling together regularly since he was five-years-old. I specialize in family travel, vegan travel, eco-tourism, nature adventures, humane and kind travel and luxury travel.  We are always searching for plant-based food and animals in the wild when we explore the world. Below are a selection of published travel articles that I wrote highlighting our adventures over the years.

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  • 3 Of The Prettiest Small Towns In Ontario For A Road Trip: 2023 “Ontario, Canada’s second largest province covering more than 415,000 square miles, is home to many picture-perfect small towns just packed with Canadian charm.”
  • 5 Of The Best Places To Experience Jewish History In Central Europe: 2023 “I connected to my Jewish European roots and learned about my heritage. “
  • 4 Stunning Beaches In Ontario That Feel Like The Caribbean: 2023 “From turquoise waters to colorful sunsets, these Ontario beaches feel like you are visiting a Caribbean Island.”
  • 3 Gorgeous Provincial Parks In Ontario Perfect For A Road Trip: 2023 “Ontario is Canada’s second largest province and home to over 330 Provincial Parks. 
  • Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya: The Perfect Luxurious Family Friendly Escape: 2021 “Exchange city life for tropical views of lush jungles and rolling ocean waves. Riviera Maya, located along Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, is a magical sun destination where families can discover ancient archaeological sites, diverse wildlife and natural wonders such as cenotes and caves.”
  • Iberostar Selection Cancun: An Eco-Friendly Vacation In Paradise: 2021 “As a vegan traveller I am constantly searching for ways to leave as small a footprint as possible on my journeys and staying at an eco-friendly resort certainly helps that goal. From sustainable food options, elimination of all single use plastics, support of local initiatives and helping sea creatures, they have a holistic vision for the future.”
  • Ottawa’s Restaurant Scene Is Booming With Delicious Vegan Options: 2021 “The vegan food scene is on a steady rise on both sides of the border with demand for more plant-based options on restaurant menus. This rising popularity of vegan food has caused a shift in the food industry and sales keep going up. Ottawa is a foodie paradise and talented chefs are constantly elevating the culinary scene and creating new and unique plant-based dishes.”
  • How To Travel As A Vegan In Italy: 2020 “People decide to go vegan or plant-based for various reasons, but mainly for the animals, to help stop climate change or to improve or maintain their health. Vegan travel is becoming more and more popular and it’s easier than ever to eat plant-based foods on your next adventure.”
  • Your Pooch Will Love You Forever After A Visit To These Dog Beaches: 2020 “These dog beaches are what dreams are made of regardless if you have your own dog or not. I was recently visiting a friend in Boca Raton and we took her rescued dog Olive to the local dog beach. Dozens of dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and personalities ran free in total happiness.”
  • Detox Destinations: The Best Health And Wellness Retreats: 2019 “There are outstanding health and wellness retreats around the world waiting to help you reset and recharge your busy life while soothing your soul, pampering your body, refreshing your mind and maintaining optimal health.”
  • The Best Meditation Retreats In The World: 2019 “Meditation retreats are becoming more popular as our world becomes increasingly hectic and busy. These days many travelers are looking to incorporate wellness in their vacations to maintain optimal health and emotional well-being.”


  • Explore All Things ‘Anne of Green Gables’ on Prince Edward Island : 2018 “Every year tourists and fans flock to PEI from around the world in search of Anne of Green Gables – a fictional character from the children’s novel written by talented local author Lucy Maud Montgomery. This story of an imaginative red-haired and spunky orphan with braids searching for belonging after mistakenly being sent to live with older siblings has won hearts since it was first published in 1908.”


  • New York: 4 Splendid Ways to Embrace Winter in the Finger Lakes This Season: 2020 (Print Magazine, website) “Yates County in upstate New York is located in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes. Pack your sense of adventure for an exceptional journey through a winter wonderland, a happy winery tour, an artsy workshop and then step back in time by booking into a charming bed and breakfast.”
  • Unexpected Orlando: 2019 (Print Magazine) “You know sunny Orlando for its exceptional theme parks and exciting attractions but there is another side to this Central Florida city. Don’t miss out on trendy neighbourhoods packed with hidden gems, art installations, unique dining experiences and even a few natural wonders.”


  • Adventures Around Every Corner: Israel (Page 1) / (Page 2) :2019 (Print Magazine) “Visiting Jerusalem’s Western Wall in person took my breath away. Having studied the history of the Jewish people, it is moving to stand on the land where it all began in the Old City.”
  • Exploring Riviera Maya (Page 1) / (Page 2) :2019 (Print Magazine) “From exploring magical rivers flowing into the sea, meeting wildlife and learning ancient history, get ready for fun family adventures in the Riviera Maya.”
  • Jamaican Eco-Adventures – 2018 (Print Magazine) “With my waving hand outstretched, hoping our friendly Jamaican guide Orlando would help pull me over the slippery rocks, and with cool rushing water splashing me in the face, I couldn’t stop laughing.”


  • Unforgettable Christmas Family Vacation Ideas: 2016 (Syndicated Worldwide)  “The holidays are the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break from daily routines and take a family vacation. What’s more, traveling often means introducing children to new cultures and unfamiliar languages, landscapes, and food. Traveling provides a different type of learning and education that school doesn’t teach.”


  • Swing Into Mexico’s Aquatic Underground: 2022 ” Slivers of bright sunlight illuminate my face as sweat runs into my eyes. I squint through hanging tree roots and see my son, Noah, putting on a yellow life vest and fastening it firmly. He tosses me a matching vest and shouts, “We have to swing off the rope and jump in!”
  • Phoenix Hot-Air Balloon Adventure Begins Before Dawn:2016 (Cover Story in Print Newspaper, Website)  “If someone had told me I would be taking a selfie inside a wicker basket under a massive colourful balloon drifting over the desert, at sunrise no less, I would have said they were crazy. Yet here I am. I nervously extend my arm outside the basket and smile into my phone for the perfect photo that will later become my most prized Facebook image.”



  • Charcuterie With A Twist: 2018 (Print Magazine, website) “As the vegan lifestyle continues to gain popularity, creative businesses across Canada are offering up a variety of delicious, plant-based cheeses and meat alternatives. Here are five to try.”
  • Top 10 Things to Do in Mesa, Arizona: 2018 – “Nature abounds in this desert oasis, located in Metro Phoenix’s East Valley region. It’s home to desert cacti, hiking trails, parks and nearby lakes and rivers.”
  • A Guide to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: 2017 (Print Magazine, website) “With 100 kilometres of sandy beaches, thrilling water sports, challenging golf courses and family-friendly attractions, Myrtle Beach has long been a popular vacation spot. Explore the history of this American seaside town while enjoying Southern hospitality at its finest.”
  • Orlando For Sports Lovers: 2017 “Sports fans and athletes will rejoice with a visit to Orlando. Not only has the city recently opened two state-of-the-art sports venues, there are also numerous sporting activities to keep you active.”


  • Our Adventures in Peoria, Arizona’s Hidden Gem: 2017 “If you had told me even a week before it happened that my ten-year-old son would be sitting next to me sipping sparkling juice out of a champagne glass while we got side by side pedicures I would have thought you were kidding. Yet there we were clinking our tall glasses while our pale Canadian feet were scrubbed to perfection.”
  • Our Four-Day Adventure in Nassau, Bahamas: 2015 “Nassau Bahamas is one of those destinations you want to return to again and again. It’s my third time visiting the island and the second time going with my son Noah, age nine. I carefully plan our itinerary to maximize our four-night stay — one adventure per day! It’s the perfect destination for an extended long weekend.”
  • St. Lucia is a Paradise For Families: 2015 “If you are a parent that ever had a babysitter or nanny help with your children you understand how this person can become family. When my son Noah was almost two I met a kind young woman named Kirshel that cared for him on Tuesdays. For three years Kirshel played with Noah and became part of our lives. But in 2010 Kirshel moved home to St. Lucia to attend school. We said a tearful goodbye and promised to keep in touch. She called Noah on his birthday and we shared photos through Facebook. But finally, after five years, I decided our next trip must be to St. Lucia to visit Kirshel. We excitedly packed our bags for the island everyone calls a paradise.”


  • Family Travel Roundup: 2018 (Print Magazine) “For families travelling with children, summer is the perfect time to gather your group and explore the world. With a new adventure around every corner, now is the time to make memories with your loved ones that will last a lifetime.”
  • Myrtle Beach: Pay It Forward: Volunteers help keep beaches clean and protect turtles at Myrtle Beach State Park – 2017 (Print Magazine) “My son Noah and I love Myrtle Beach. We keep returning for the glorious sunrises, leisurely walks along the boardwalk, the twirling SkyWheel and the kind southern charm of the locals. However, on our last trip, we decided we wanted to help the sea turtle population.”
  • 5 Adorable Things that Happen when you visit Montreal’s Cat Cafe: 2017 – “My son Noah and I love cats, so it made purr-fect sense to visit Montreal’s Cafe Chat L’Heureux when we were in town. The café’s name translates from French to mean Happy Cat Café and it more than lives up to this title with its firm belief in promoting kindness to animals. I believe it is always better to adopt a shelter animal rather than shop for a pet at a store as you are saving a life and not contributing to pet store or breeder profits, not to mention you are providing a loving fur-ever home to an animal in need.”


  • The Jews of Venice: 2019 (Print Newspaper, Website) “There are 25 Jews living in the Jewish ghetto of Venice and I already met four of them within an hour of arriving to this gorgeous Venetian city. I had just landed from a very long overnight and sleepless flight from Toronto, but when you only have a day and a half in Venice, you don’t want to waste it sleeping, trust me. Venice is built on canals and has no roads so the main way to get around is by walking or boat. 150 canals, 400 bridges, and 118 islands make up the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region.”
  • In Search of Rome’s Great Synagogue: 2019 (Print Newspaper, Website) ” There are countless sites worth visiting in Rome, but with less than 24 hours in this magical destination, I’m on a mission to find the famous Great Synagogue of Rome. Officially called Tempio Maggiore di Roma, it was built in memory of the demolished Roman Ghetto, where Jews were forced to live until 1870.”
  • Touring Historic Savannah and Finding North America’s Oldest Torahs: 2017 (Print Newspaper, Website) “Like our Jewish ancestors roaming the desert so many centuries ago, my son Noah and I trekked through the quaint streets of Savannah, Ga., in scorching summer temperatures, in search of a Torah. With sweat dripping down our faces and determination in our hearts we soldiered on despite the heat and lack of familiarity in this southern city.”
  • Flying Close to the Phoenix Sun: Taking in RoRo’s Art Scene: 2017 (Print Newspaper, Website) “A young boy stands before us on a tower of words, holding a green watering can spilling out hundreds of black birds. Nope, it’s not a magic show or the latest fantasy flick, it’s a street in downtown Phoenix. More specifically, a magnificent mural in the Roosevelt Row Arts District.”


  • Take Time for Family Fun in Prince Edward Island : 2018 – “Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, is packed with opportunities to explore nature, learn about our country’s history, and experience unique island activities. PEI is also the perfect location for day road trips and you can drive through small villages with views of the coast and lighthouses.”
  • Outdoor Spring to Summer Adventures in Ontario : 2018 – “Whether you want to explore by water or land, under a warm shining sun or by the light of the twinkling stars, there is an adventure waiting for you in this diverse province.”
  • Where to See the Best Blooms in Ontario : 2018 – “If April showers bring May flowers then Ontario should be in some for spectacular blooms. The warmer weather not only brings flowers but a spring in our step.”
  • Five Amazing Toronto Neighbourhoods to Explore in June : 2018 – “Toronto’s motto is “diversity is our strength”, and it’s easy to see why after spending time in ‘The Six’.”
  • Ontario Rejuvenation Destinations : 2018 “The new year is the perfect time to commit to healthy new habits and resolutions that will positively affect your life throughout 2018 and beyond. Whether you goal is to get in shape, relax, pamper yourself, find inner peace, or escape city life temporarily, these retreats will sooth your mind, body, and spirit.”
  • Five Cool Things to do In Sedona : 2017 “Sedona is known around the world for having spectacular red rock formations set among true natural beauty of extreme canyon walls. This Arizona desert town is also famous for luxurious spas, original local artwork, a strong spiritual energy and a history dating back to about 650 AD when the Sinagua people first lived on the land among the juniper forests and grasslands.”
  • Top Places to Snorkel in the Caribbean : 2017 “The Caribbean is a wonderful place to snorkel. The warm waters surrounding the islands are packed with colourful and lively marine life and impressive coral reefs – it’s a world just waiting to be explored. So grab some floppy flippers and a secure mask and get ready to experience an natural underwater oasis in these five Caribbean destinations.”
  • 5 Exciting Fun in the Sun Hot Spots for your Family : 2017 “Look no further if you want to ditch the cold and maximize some family time to start off the New Year. These sun-splashed, kid-friendly destinations each offer something unique and will make you forget the winter—at least for a week!”
  • Flying with Allergies: 5 Steps to Take: 2016 “Tips and need-to-know airline regulations when travelling with food allergies and intolerances.”



  • 9 Deep Facts About the Dead Sea: 2016 “The Dead Sea is one of the most intriguing and interesting lakes in the world. Located at the lowest point on Earth, tourists from around the globe flock to this hypersaline phenomenon.”
  • 10 Big Facts About Toronto’s CN Tower: 2016 “If you want to be higher than the birds, get ready to take flight and zoom up to the top of this iconic building. If you are scared of heights, don’t look down.”

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  • A Road Trip To Historic Georgetown – 2017 “Over the years, Myrtle Beach trips with my son Noah, have included driving to Murrell’s Inlet and Conway, and this time we decided to take a road trip to Georgetown for the day. Georgetown County, the third-oldest city in South Carolina, is located on the Sampit River about an hour-long scenic drive along US Highway 17.”
  • Road Trip: Our Nations Birthday – 2016 “Ottawa is a wonderful city to visit in all seasons. My son Noah and I have played in the snow during their annual Winterlude Festival and skated on the Rideau Canal during a magical snowfall.”
  • A Road Trip Through New Brunswick – Fundy National Park – 2016 “New Brunswick is home to the warmest salt water in the country, the world’s highest tides, beautiful sandy beaches, hiking trails, rivers, lush green trees, lighthouses, and the breathtaking Bay of Fundy.”
  • A Summer Road Trip In Prince Edward Island – 2016 “Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province and located on the eastern coast. This beautiful area is known as the gentle island and their spectacular red sand stretches along the winding shore.”
  • Road Trip: Orlando To Winter Park – A Happy Tail – 2015 “Nicknamed for it’s tropical climate, humid temperatures, and average 230 days of sunshine, Florida is the perfect place to visit for a break from the long cold Canadian winters.”


  • 5 Romantic Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas – 2018 “This natural oasis is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s the perfect destination to escape with your significant other and enjoy each other’s company while relaxing among the desert cacti and flowing waters of the sea.”
  • Learning Through Travel – Nassau, Bahamas – 2017 “Traveling to different parts of the world teaches kids about new cultures and diverse landscapes while allowing them to taste different foods native to the land and hear languages beyond their own.”


  • Checking In: Meliá Braco Village in Jamaica – 2017 “Tucked away in Trelawny Jamaica on a secluded stretch of gorgeous shoreline along the north coast is the luxurious Meliá Braco Village. This all-inclusive island resort opened in 2015 and is designed to resemble an upscale colonial village.”
  • Checking In: Villa Living at Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia – 2015 “My son Noah and I are on the edge of a cliff in a white mini van climbing higher and higher into the clouds. Lush green trees line the streets and the palm trees blow in the summer wind as if to wave and welcome us to paradise. We hear cheerful birds singing and one lands on the roof of our car.”


  • A Stay-Cation in Toronto – 2014 “This year Toronto celebrates its 180th anniversary and is proudly the most multicultural city in the world with more than 130 languages and dialects spoken. I want to introduce Noah to the many neighbourhoods that reflect our city’s amazing diversity.”
  • Ottawa is the Purr-Fect Escape for Families – 2014 “The cat sanctuary, started in the 1970s, is run entirely by volunteers and donations. The cats have been Hill residents for decades. It’s rumored that Col. By brought hundreds of cats here when he built the Rideau Canal to help control the rodent population.”
  • Iconic Quebec Hotel Becomes A Boy’s Castle – 2014 “My little prince soon starts referring to the Frontenac as his “castle” and races to our open window and sings, “I’m the king of the castle,” to passersby below.”
  • A River Meets An Ocean – 2014 “We get to Nassau way past Noah’s bedtime, but I promised him we’d visit the ocean before he goes to sleep, so I grab his hand and we run towards the mysterious black water. Noah squeals with delight as he feels the cool, wet tingle on his toes and stomps with all his might into “the biggest puddle ever.” My “River” has met the ocean and it’s love at first sight.
When my River met the Ocean – Age 5 – Nassau, Bahamas
Cleaning up litter from the beach – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
My Heart – Riviera Maya, Mexico
The Magic is Real – Orlando
The only Humane way to see Marine Life is in the Wild, Atlantic Ocean