Social Justice




  • An Activist Is In Court, But It’s Factory Farming On Trial – 2016 (International Website) Bacon is no longer a popular breakfast staple….Anita Krajnc, 49, is on trial for giving water to thirsty pigs inside a transport truck on the way to slaughter. The scared young pigs were headed to Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington on June 22, 2015. Krajnc saw pigs panting and foaming at the mouth that day and performed an act of compassion — she gave them water. “It’s their basic right,” she testified.”


  • Love Based Activism – 2015 (International Website) “A pink snout touches my hand gently. I peek in the truck to see the pig’s face and she’s crying. “I love you and I am sorry,” I whisper through tears. “It’s going to be OK.” But we both know it’s not. Today, over 100 other activists will be attending the vigil for pigs. We want to show the world that the societal norm of killing animals is not acceptable. We are love-based activists. And we are here to stay.”


  • For The Animals, The Zoo Is The Unhappiest Place On Earth – 2015 (International Website)  “I know without a doubt zoos don’t care about animals, if they did, they wouldn’t hold them against their will or kill them. They are more concerned about making money than animal welfare. They don’t “protect species from extinction” as they may lead you to believe. In my research I also found that animals are rarely, if ever, released back into the wild from any kind of preservation program they allegedly have. Most animals in zoos are actually not endangered at all! Zoos like animals that are “cute” and popular among tourists and children.”