Discovering Vegan Food in Miami

Meatless Mondays can be everyday in Miami should you choose to dine on plant based delicacies seven days a week. Whether you are vegan for the animals, the environment, or your health, (or all three!) it’s easy to find vegan food in Miami because there are so many innovative restaurants serving delicious dishes to temp your palette. It’s also exciting to find vegan food options in restaurants that aren’t entirely plant based as it gives guests that may not have otherwise ordered a vegan meal the option to try something new and discover how wonderful vegan food is. Below are a mix of vegan and vegan friendly establishments to check out in Miami. All dishes and drinks listed below contain no animal products and are completely vegan.

Malibu Farm

Tofu Scramble

Lucky for me I was staying at Eden Roc Miami Beach and had the opportunity to enjoy several meals at Malibu Farm located right on site. Choose to sit inside or enjoy views of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean from their cozy covered patio. Malibu Farm is lead by talented Chef Helene Henderson from Sweden. Perhaps you have heard of her – she has published a cookbook and has two other popular restaurants in Los Angeles. Henderson uses fresh, organic and locally sources ingredients as much as possible in everything she expertly prepares. It’s not a vegan restaurant but definitely caters to plant based guests with many healthy and delicious options. In fact, Henderson encourages her guests to eat more veggies as much as possible and this is reflected in the plant based options on her menu such as the Veggie Wrap with hummus and the Vegan Chop with butternut squash, beets, avocado, and garbanzo beans. There are also many signature cocktails that can be made vegan so you can toast your Miami vacation.

Must-try dish: Their homemade Tofu Scramble was my favourite dish and I had it on more than one occasion. It comes with spinach, tomatoes, butternut squash and roasted potatoes. Pair with a freshly squeezed Florida orange juice and you have the perfect meal.

Planta South Beach

Cauliflower Tots

Planta Toronto opened in 2016 yet despite it being in my hometown, my first Planta experience was at Planta South Beach. (Planta has a third location also in Toronto called Planta Burger and they are planning another Toronto location – Planta Queen in Spring 2019) All locations promote environmental sustainability and create innovate cuisine with harming any animals. Food is sourced from ethical suppliers and only high quality products are used. Upon entering their trendy Miami location I was happy to see how busy it was, a sign that times have changed for vegan dining. The stylish crowd was casually sipping pretty cocktails and enjoying yummy appetizers such as soy truffle mushrooms, kelp Caesar noodles, and ginger watermelon cubes.

Must-try dish: The Cauliflower Tots with almond Parmesan followed by any one of their delicious pizzas makes for an excellent dinner – don’t be fooled by the word meat on the menu, everything here is vegan, even the meat lovers pizza.


Full Bloom

For gourmet vegan cuisine a visit to Full Bloom is in order. Since opening in 2015 their mission has been to create fresh dishes from organic ingredients sourced from local farms and small distribution companies. All their menu items are 100% vegan certified. Their ingredients are health conscious and you will find items such as buckwheat pancakes and omelets created with chickpea flower. The contemporary and stylish dining room is matched by the elegant presentations of their savory plant based meals with a Latin inspiration. Full Bloom draws in carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

Must-try dish: Tempeh Piccata is outstanding and comes marinated in a delicious lemon-caper sauce with a side of roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach. If you have room for dessert their raw avocado key lime ice cream with berry sauce is outstanding.


Nobu Miami

Vegetable Tacos

These days even in demand and trendy sushi restaurants like Nobu Miami are packed with plant based delicacies. If you are fortunate enough to get table at this hip hot spot you are in luck. Located in the lobby of Nobu Hotel Miami Beach adjacent to Eden Roc, Nobu Miami does more than just accommodate vegans – they excel in preparing plant based Japanese-fusion cuisine. With a backdrop of traditional lanterns the atmosphere is lively and the staff are top notch.

Must-try dish: There are several vegetable dishes on the menu such as brick oven roasted cauliflower, crispy Brussel sprouts, and a seasonal mushroom salad. I asked the server to prepare my food separate from the fish and it wasn’t an issue. Vegetable tacos can be made vegan and are delicious.


Los Pinarenos Fruteria

Fresh Mangoes

Yes, you can take a stroll through Miami’s little Havana and find vegan options among the authentic Cuban food. My favourite was at Los Pinarenos Fruteria, an authentic open-air fruit and veggie market making fresh juice and smoothies on site. This small family run business is the place to be to quench your thirst with Coco Frio (cold coconut) on a hot Miami day.

Must try dish: The pure fresh mango juice was by far the best I ever had. Don’t leave without purchasing a fresh bag of mangoes to bring back to your hotel room and enjoy throughout your trip.

If you get the munchies while strolling through Little Havana look for the kind man selling roasted peanuts wrapped up in paper cones for a dollar.


If you have a favourite vegan dish or restaurant in Miami let me know and next time I am there maybe I can check it out!


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