My latest article for Travel + Leisure

“Unforgettable Christmas Family Vacation Ideas”


“The holidays are the perfect opportunity to enjoy a break from daily routines and take a family vacation. What’s more, traveling often means introducing children to new cultures and unfamiliar languages, landscapes, and food. Traveling provides a different type of learning and education that school doesn’t teach.

Whether you want the convenience of an all-inclusive resort or the adventure of forging your own trails, exploring new places can be a learning opportunity for children, as well as an unforgettable bonding experience for the whole family”.

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Check out these delicious vegan restaurants next time you travel to Toronto

Published in WestJet Magazine

“Five Must-Try Vegan Restaurants In Toronto” 

“Vegan dining in Toronto has never been more delicious. Tasty plant-based food can be found throughout the city, with unique dishes to satisfy all cravings”.

For a complete list of vegan restaurants in Toronto visit Toronto Vegetarian Association

For more information on going vegan check out PETA’s 30 day vegan pledge


Tilikum – We Love You

“Dear Tilikum, we are sorry we couldn’t save you. We tried. We will always love you”.

Published in Sheknows

My latest article about Tilikum – 5 life lessons my son and I learned from SeaWorld’s killer whale, Tilikum. Tilikum has lived in captivity for over 30 years in a small tank. He belongs in the ocean with his family. Please do not buy a ticket to marine parks or aquariums.

Be the voice for the voiceless and speak out against captivity!

Protest to raise awarness about Tilikum 2010

marineland protestNoah emptry the tanksPhotos: Miriam Porter

Pigs are friends. Not Food.

Published in The Washington Post

Noah and I follow a plant-based diet (no meat, fish, dairy or eggs) because we love animals. In light of the WHO announcement that eating bacon can cause cancer, it’s the perfect time to think about tasty and humane alternatives to eating meat. Check out my article; Eating bacon can kill you. Here’s how my kid eats a plant-based diet, for four things I’ve learned that might help before your next visit to the grocery store.

Noah feeding piggie with vegan shirtPhoto: Miriam Porter – Wishing Well Sanctuary